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IBM has been recognized leader as in Java technology, due to the company’s focus on bringing innovation, security, and reliability to Enterprise Java.  With the combination of Java on System z, Enterprise Java performance becomes even more powerful.

IBM & the Centerline Agency team have won the  Interactive Media Award awarded by the Interactive Media Council for the IBM Mainframe50 Tumblr website.  The award was given  in the category ‘Consumer Services’ for the Best in Class Award for a website.


Put to the Stress Test

VisaNet gets pushed to the limits each year in a simulated test that has helped ensure 100% availability for the last 21 peak seasons.

Posted by: Manny Trillo, SVP Network Processing, Visa Inc.

Every summer, the holidays come early for Visa network engineers. For the past 22 years, they’ve run an annual stress test to prepare VisaNet—the world’s largest retail payments network—for the heavy onslaught of transactions that come our way during the holiday shopping season.

Think five days straight of around-the-clock testing of our systems. It all happens at a facility in Maryland, where Visa and IBM engineers work together to create a mirror image of Visa’s authorization systems and bombard the network with thousands of simulated transactions. The goal? To determine the best hardware and software configuration to handle the increase in transaction volume expected this holiday season. The test also uncovers how many transactions in a single second VisaNet can process, how new payment applications will impact the systems, and any possible bottlenecks that may need future remediation.

This year’s test, which concluded on August 27th, produced record results: It showed that VisaNet can handle more than 56,000 transaction messages per second—that’s greater than four times the actual peak transaction rate of last year. This puts Visa in an excellent position to support card issuers and merchants this coming holiday season, giving them confidence and peace of mind that every purchase will be made swiftly and securely.  

The Stress Test plays a critical role in future-proofing VisaNet and helps Visa stay ahead of increases in transaction volumes—whether coming from newly banked consumers in developing markets or from consumers in developed countries shopping with mobile devices, tablets and PCs. 

"To a large extent, the mainframe’s longevity is a result of two major architectural innovations first introduced with S/360. The first was the notion of a family of computers, from low to high performance, all based on the same instruction set which allowed customers to upgrade to larger systems as well as to future models without having to rewrite their applications. The second was OS/360, a common operating system that supported the various members of the S/360 family except for the smaller ones which ran a subset with more limited capabilities. Today’s z/Architecture  and z/OS are direct descendants of the original S/360 and OS/360." —Irving Wladawsky-Berger, Wall Street Journal

The IBM Mainframe processed the data for the first lunar landing. The IBM Mainframe was the technology that helped put a man on the moon.

Enabling commerce for everyone, everywhere is Visa’s mission. This info graphic shows how the company’s VisaNet makes commerce fast, simple and secure for everyone, everywhere.

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"The mainframe is an essential part of VisaNet, the world’s largest retail payments network."—-Jim McCarthy, Sr. Vice President, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, Visa, Inc.

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The brains of the IBM System/360. These circuits were faster, denser and ate up less energy than previous models. IBM  Read the full story on Wired. Tech Time Warp of the Week: 50 Years Ago, IBM Unleashed the Room-Sized iPhone

IBM announced it delivered the first shipment of its Enterprise Cloud system to a U.K.-based managed service provider.
IBM has made the first delivery of its mainframe-based Enterprise Cloud System to Vissensa, a U.K.-based managed service provider (MSP).

The system will help Vissensa offer new cloud services to its customers. With the Enterprise Cloud System, the company can deliver a preconfigured, pretested Linux platform that can outperform its existing x86-based cloud infrastructure. - See more at: eWeek