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The IBM Mainframe processed the data for the first lunar landing. The IBM Mainframe was the technology that helped put a man on the moon.

Enabling commerce for everyone, everywhere is Visa’s mission. This info graphic shows how the company’s VisaNet makes commerce fast, simple and secure for everyone, everywhere.

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"The mainframe is an essential part of VisaNet, the world’s largest retail payments network."—-Jim McCarthy, Sr. Vice President, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, Visa, Inc.

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The brains of the IBM System/360. These circuits were faster, denser and ate up less energy than previous models. IBM  Read the full story on Wired. Tech Time Warp of the Week: 50 Years Ago, IBM Unleashed the Room-Sized iPhone

IBM announced it delivered the first shipment of its Enterprise Cloud system to a U.K.-based managed service provider.
IBM has made the first delivery of its mainframe-based Enterprise Cloud System to Vissensa, a U.K.-based managed service provider (MSP).

The system will help Vissensa offer new cloud services to its customers. With the Enterprise Cloud System, the company can deliver a preconfigured, pretested Linux platform that can outperform its existing x86-based cloud infrastructure. - See more at: eWeek 

IBM’s new Enterprise Cloud System

The cloud platform that can handle Enterprise (class) Cloud (workloads in one) System. IBM’s new Enterprise Cloud System. IBM zEnterprise provides a highly secure and scalable enterprise cloud for efficiently running multiple critical applications.

Celebrating 50 years of IBM Mainframe Technology



Visa joins Citi Group, Walmart,First National Bank of South Africa and many other IBM Clients to celebrate 50 years of mainframe technology.   IBM has been a longtime partner of Visa, and its mainframes for more than 40 years have played a key role in enabling Visa transactions at a global scale.

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Citibank and the Mainframe


Former Chairman and CEO of Citicorp Walter Wriston once said, “Information about money is nearly as important as money itself.” As the largest financial network in the world, connecting more than 200 million people in 160 countries, Citi relies on the mainframe to host and process this massive amount of data across industries. The mainframe underpins the systems Citi uses to deliver today’s technology—around 150,000 transactions per second—keeping its customers ahead of information and providing more insight at the point of impact.
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IBM System z: Master the Mainframe Around the World

IBM’s Master the Mainframe contest is teaching the next generation of students enterprise computing skills. Learn more about the competition through the eyes of high school and college students from the US, India and Kenya.